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  • Starting a law practice
  • Practice management software demos and training*
  • Time/Billing and accounting
  • Arizona IOLTA/trust account set-up and management
  • Efficient office procedures
  • Going paperless
  • Specialize in sole practitioner and small firms
  • Presentation to your group or law firm
*On-line or On-site Consulting and Training Services

 Practice Management Software (Certified Consultant)

  • Amicus Small Firm - Practice Management for Small Firms
  • Amicus Accounting - Time, Billing and Accounting for Small Firms
  • Amicus Premium - Practice Management for All Firms
  • Credenza - Put Your Outlook on Steriods and Make it a Practice Management Tool
  • Clio - Taking a New Approach to Legal Management Software
  • CosmoLex - Legal Practice Management, Billing and Accounting Solution for Law Firms
  • QuickBooks (for trust account management)

Consulting SERVICES

AZ Law Practice Management, LLC

Helping Lawyers Take Care of Business.

Law Practice Start-ups – Traditional or Virtual.

Are you thinking of starting your own practice?  Where do you begin?  What form of business structure should you choose?  Do you need a permit?  What about taxes and licenses?  What computers and software do you need?  Do you need to buy or lease office space?  How will clients find you?  How do you set up an IOLTA account?  What office forms do you need?  Are you making the right decision to go on your own?  Are there attorneys who will mentor you?  Who can help and guide you through this process of starting up a law practice?  These are but a few of the Frequently Asked Questions by lawyers hanging out a shingle.
Specialize in Sole Practitioner and Small Firms. 
Big law firms often have legal administrators, office managers, information technology personnel and accounting departments.  Solo practice and small law firm lawyers frequently do not have such a luxury.  AZ Law Practice Management can help.  Susan Traylor has worked in sole practitioner law firms before serving solo and small firm lawyers for 12 years in her capacity as Practice Management Advisor for the State Bar of Arizona's Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP).  If the administrative advice or service is not something which AZ Law Practice Managementcan do, you will be referred to other persons, organizations or resources who can.

Assess, Implement and Train on Practice Management Software. 

Practice Management software (aka Case Management software) is a category of software designed just for lawyers.  Susan Traylor has 20 years experience with practice management software, both from a practical perspective (having used several products as a paralegal in sole practice and small firms) and as a certified consultant for several popular practice management products: Amicus Small Firm, Amicus Premium, Clio, CosmoLex and Credenza.   In addition to consulting with you about practice management software, Susan Traylor offers on-site customization and training services for you and your staff on Amicus Cloud, Amicus Small Firm, Amicus Premium, Clio, CosmoLex, Credenza, Time Matters, and QuickBooks for IOLTA/trust account record keeping.

IOLTA/Trust Account Setup and Record Keeping. 

Do you want help setting up your IOLTA/trust account record keeping system?  Where do you begin?  What bank do you choose?  Do you need forms?  Is there software that can help you with managing your IOLTA trust account?  These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions which Susan Traylor can answer for you.  In addition, Susan can come to your office, or meet with you over the web, to train you on IOLTA account record keeping assessment or setup and training.  Susan offers setup and training in using CosmoLex and/or QuickBooks for IOLTA record keeping.

Implement Paperless Systems and Procedures. 

Do you want to rid your office of the piles of paper and files?  Or perhaps you are just setting up your practice and want to avoid creating a paper file system.  Where do you begin?  What do you need to know?  What software and services do lawyers use? 

Provide Risk Management Assessments. 
Over the past 14 years, Susan Traylor has visited hundreds of Arizona law firms, assessing the firm's systems and procedures for improving client communications, diligence in case management, IOLTA trust account record keeping, billing and fees, and conflicts of interest checking systems.  Additionally, Susan assesses law office software, staffing, internal controls, workflow and related issues.  In this regard, AZ Law Practice Management offers assessment reports as well as systems/procedures recommendations. 

Referral Source for Other Law Firm Products and Services.
AZ Law Practice Managementoffers services that are most frequently requested by Arizona sole practitioner or small firm lawyers.  For those services requested which are not provided, AZ Law Practice Management will research and provide a list of resources.  Examples of such requests are for network or I/T technicians who do work for small law firms, setting up computer systems and networks, security and backups, as well as time/billing personnel and bookkeepers who do work for law firms, and resources for finding support staff and support staff training, scanning and/or shredding services. These are but a few of the types of services often sought by solo and small firm practitioners which resource lists AZ Law Practice Management  can provide.

Public Speaking*

Susan Traylor, of AZ Law Practice Management, has presented frequently for the State Bar of Arizona, Law Office Management Assistance Program, as well as on behalf of AZ Law Practice Management, both in live seminars and classes, as well as online webcast programs, to lawyers throughout Arizona, Arizona Summit Law School, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law (Arizona State University), James E. Rogers College of Law (University of Arizona), National Association of Legal Professionals (NALS), paralegal associations, law firms and legal departments, both private and public.  If you a looking to educate your group on the topics of law office management, efficient office procedures, law office technology, proper trust account setup and record keeping, consider hiring Susan Traylor, AZ Law Practice Management, LLC

*May qualify for continuing legal education (CLE) credit.